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10 Summer Fashion Tips 2014

If you’ve been a fan of the ‘Co for a while, you’ve probably seen us kickin’ it with our girl Iliki. She’s the fashionista we bring in when there’s a serious need for some swanky style. Iliki is the owner and fashion stylist for Las Vegas styling company, Style Lush. When we needed some 1930’s threads for our #30daysgorgeous sesh, The Seance, Iliki dressed our models. When we needed her to outfit some male models, she had our back. We checked in with her when the weather started to warm up to see what she has to say about summer style. Here are Iliki’s 10 Fashion Must-Haves for summer 2014. 

Written by Iliki Price of Style Lush

It’s officially spring! Time to store the boots and go bikini shopping! Spring break and Sumer vacation are just around the corner which means: figuring out to wear, out of a suitcase! Not to worry, I’ve been there and luckily I have the perfect list of vacation essentials. Weather a romantic weekend for two or a girls only trip, I’ve got you covered:

1. Bathing suit- it’s a given. But find one that you love — go for fashion and function so you are comfy and chic.

2. Cover up/ sarong- way more chic than wrapping a towel around you waist and a perfect way to enjoy lunch or a walk away from the beach without having to change!

3. Lightweight maxi dress- the styling possibilities are endless with a maxi — anything and everything goes: flip flops, heels, jackets, hats you name it!

4. Jean shorts – invest in a pair you really love. Because especially on vacation, they are a must.

5. Boyfriend jeans – I LOVE this jean trend– This baggy more comfortable style leaves room for breathing, eating, and all around moving. All of which I’m sure one plans on doing on a vacation!

6. Lightweight hoodie – because even in the most tropical setting, it can get s little chilly.

7. Carry all tote- perfect as a carry on for the plane and a beach bag / souvenir holder / etc. it’s the one bag you should bring on a trip.

8. The perfect sunnies- make sure you like the way they look in photos.

9. A versatile sandal- weather a flat gladiator or strappy wedges, pack a fun and comfortable choice that can work at the beach or at dinner. Alright, maybe two options. What women can only pack one pair?

10. Hat- floppy, fedora — whatever style floats your boat– it’s not only a fashion forward way to complete a look, but a sure way to protect yourself from the sun all day.

10 summer fashion tips 10 summer fashion tips 10 summer fashion tips

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#30daysgorgeous: Blue Luck Bridal

In the middle of our #30daysgorgeous project, we also had the massive bridal show that is Bridal Spectacular. Naturally, bridal shows at the start of the year are lavish productions, riding the wave of all the holiday engagements. (Here in the ‘biz, we know you husbands-to-be like to pop the question between Thanksgiving and Valentines day. There ya go, a little insider info for ya!) That means that between organizing, collaborating, and actually doing 30 shoots in 30 days, we also needed to have one EPIC booth for the biggest and best bridal show in Las Vegas. A whole day and several f-bombs later, Chief Dude and I finally got our booth up and promptly went to the nearest margarita distribution facility to toast our hard efforts. The next day, when we got back, we finally took some time to notice our neighbors. Directly across from our booth was a quiet and pretty lady with a dazzling display of jewels. Britni of Blue Luck Bridal was having her first booth at the show, and we exchanged pleasantries and a few hot tips. Towards the end of the show, when my own exhaustion was being replaced with the thrill of meeting loads of beautiful brides, we chatted more about lots of things, including the project. Jewelry was a definite must for truly bridal shoots, and it was a great chance for us to work together to create something beautiful! A couple weeks later, Britni in all her motivation (and let me tell you, she is small but mighty!) pulled together the epitome of wedding-fashion bridal photoshoots. We were way stoked to hear that she had gotten our girl photographer Ella Gagiano on board, and then our beautiful model just make everything perfect. Alana and Hayley completed the picture-perfect bridal look with sultry, smoky eye makeup and a classic hairstyle that would look amazing with dozens of different accessories. The result was absolutely, utterly, and completely perfect. Britni, we couldn’t be more thrilled working with you on this! And to all our brides to be, you gotta swing by Blue Luck Bridal and check out her beautiful jewels. Hair pieces and earrings, necklaces and bracelets, she has a lovely selection to complete the ultimate bridal look!

PS- Still need that Something Blue? At the end of the show, Britni gifted me the sweetest necklace. A double horseshoe, the outside beautiful crystal-clear rhinestones and the inside a kind of perfect-beach blue. It sparkles, it’s adorable in every way, and if you can’t figure out your blue, grab one of her signature necklaces!

#30daysgorgeous: blue luck bridal hair and makeup #30daysgorgeous: blue luck bridal hair and makeup
#30daysgorgeous: blue luck bridal hair and makeup #30daysgorgeous: blue luck bridal hair and makeup
#30daysgorgeous: blue luck bridal hair and makeup #30daysgorgeous: blue luck bridal hair and makeup #30daysgorgeous: blue luck bridal hair and makeup
#30daysgorgeous: blue luck bridal hair and makeup #30daysgorgeous: blue luck bridal hair and makeup

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The ‘Co Convo – Nighttime Skin Routine

The ‘Co Convo: Nighttime Skin Routine

Being a beauty professional puts a lot of pressure on us to look good… actually, great… ALL the time. The very first rule of being truly beautiful is great skin care. Night is an ideal time to really care for and pamper your skin. Once the makeup of the day is washed away, it’s time to give that tender face some lovin’ and rest. It’s not called beauty sleep for nothing! Here’s what a few of the ‘Co does at night to put their best face forward the next day:

Melissa F: I always wash my face to get the day off. Toner, Vitamin C and moisturizer. If it’s Thursday, I do a quick microdermabrasion stacked with a chemical peel. I like to try a lot of different lines, from drug store brands to high end. Or, I make it myself, like my eye cream. I use what I think works best for me. In beauty school, they drilled into our heads that it is not the brand of the product, but the ingredients. If you know your ingredients, you can always find a steal.

Bri T: I keep it pretty simple. If I’ve worn makeup that day i usually remove my eye makeup with Aquaphor and use Cetaphil face wash with my Clarsonic. Once a week I will use the Eminence Mud Mask or Peter Thomas Roth Resurfacer and follow with moisturizer. Aquaphor is gentle and gets it all without irritating my eyes or skin around my eyes. Helps with fine lines and wrinkles as well. I can’t live with my Clarsonic. Gets my face clean as possible. I can really tell on those lazy days when I decide to use my fingertips. Cetaphil face wash is gentle and get the job done. Eminence mud mask burns so good! It attacks my occasional breakouts and I can feel it working. Peter Thomas Roth pumpkin enzyme peel helps to Resurface and brighten my skin.

Bianca S: My most favorite skin care night routine is simple and inexpensive. Papaya is one of my most favorite skin regimens especially for concerns of acne. I use papaya on a daily basis to hydrate my skin and help reduce acne. I cut a small piece of the flesh of the papaya and apply it to my face including the under-eye area. This will help get rid of those dehydration lines. Papaya has many healthy agent that can improve the health and appearance of your skin. Papaya contains anti-oxidants and both vitamins A and E which help hydrate, even skin tone and create a youthful glow. These nutrients also reduce dullness and fine lines. Papaya also contains ”papain” this very helpful enzyme gets rid of dead skin cells and can cure the skin of impurities such as acne, acne scars and large pores. I love using papaya because its natural. There are no worries about its questionable ingredients or chemicals because it doesn’t have any! Its one of natures many gifts to natural beauty.


Hayley A: My nighttime skin routine starts with washing off all my makeup with a product from Lush Cosmetics 9-5. It cleanses my skin, but also hydrates it. I finish with Aveeno Positively Radiant. I’m guilty of tanning, so the freckles I already have got darker as I’ve tanned and the lotion helps correct it.

Kay H: So my night time routine starts with my PTR (Peter Thomas Roth) anti-aging cleanser or my PTR  glycolic cleanser. I switch my cleansers about every four to six months. I wash my face twice and the second time with my Clarisonic. After my face is nice and clean I use my PTR glycolic toner. Once my face is dry I use two serums. First Exlinea by PCA under my eyes, which is the best serum ever! It keeps those under eye wrinkles away. The other serum I use at night is a 2% hydroquinone by HTC. This serum helps with hyper pigmentation. Once the serums set in I finish off with my PTR night moisturizer and my Bobbi Brown extra repair eye cream. I’ve used many eye creams over the years and right now this is one of my favorites. This one is great for anti-aging.


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Monthly Beauty Subscription Services

Monthly Beauty Subscription Services

How many of you have a drawer of beauty “rejects”? You know, those items that you had to get because they take away wrinkles, smooth your skin, make you look like Heidi Klum? You get them home, try them out, they don’t live up to the hype and you have to tell them – “Your Out – Auf Weidersen!” I have that drawer. Whenever I can, I would raid the beauty counter to try and scour a few samples, but after a few side-eyes from the Chanel girl at the counter, my luck ran out and I was cut off. Then I heard about the monthly beauty subscription box services and my problems were solved!


birch box- monthly beauty subscription services

Click for Source

Birchbox is one of the original monthly beauty subscription box services and visits my mailbox every monthJ For $10 a month (shipping included) you get a box of approximately 5 items. Some of the samples are the standard sample sizes, however I have received some larger sample sizes and last month, I received a card for a free year subscription to Women’s Health magazine with my samples. In the past I have received various shampoo, skin care, perfume, cosmetic samples. Some of them were brand names like Juicy Couture, Redken and others were brands that I haven’t heard of. What I like about Birchbox is they award you points for giving reviews. So I am actually getting a benefit from giving feedback. Once you receive a certain amount of points, you can trade them in for free products. On their site, you can purchase the full size items if you decide you can’t live without them.



Glossy Box

glossy box- monthly beauty subscription services

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Another one of the original subscription boxes, Glossy Box is another one of my favorites. A little more expensive than Birchbox, their subscriptions start at $21/month. They also feature larger sample sizes. I love to try out products more than one time, so it’s important to me that I have at least a week’s worth of product to make sure that I am making the right decision. Glossy box also offers rewards to their members. For reviewing products or referring friends, you get awarded “glossy dots” which can be used toward your subscription. At Glossy Box, they don’t offer a shop with full sized beauty items, so you have to find them at the cosmetics counter, Sephora, or online.



Glam Bag

glam bag- monthly beauty subscription services

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Internet You Tube Beauty guru, Michelle Phan now has a beauty subscription service as well. For $10 per month, you get 5 deluxe samples (some even full size) with a cute collectible bag each month. Each month has a “theme” and the products are centered around it. There is also an interactive component, as there are you tube videos that show how other subscribers are using their boxes to make them look fabulous. You can also use discounts that are shared with you to purchase the full size product!

What do you love about beauty subscription boxes? Which is your favorite?



About Jen: Jen is a blogger, mom, and self-proclaimed fashion and beauty addict. Once a big city career girl working as a personal shopper, she has traded it in for a quiet laid back life in the south. Although she misses life in the city and shopping for a living, she now enjoys living vicariously through the fashion bloggers that she follows and keeping up with the latest fashion and beauty trends.

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Beauty and Fashion Deals- Pretty Apps!

Beauty and Fashion Deals – My obsession with Apps

Do you want to save money on makeup or beauty supplies? Who doesn’t! What you might not realize is that all of these coupon apps that you see on the market can be used to save money on your favorite beauty supplies as well. Here are a couple of my favorite coupon apps that can also help you save money on your beauty needs:

Snip Snap

Did you ever walk into the department store, head to the beauty counter, spend a small fortune, walk out and realize that you had a 20% off coupon that you were saving just for the occasion that you left at home? That would have been $20 in your pocket (or a fabulous lunch and Starbucks)! On my shopping trips, with ADD and a small child hanging on my leg, I can never remember to bring coupons. If I actually do remember to bring them, I forget to use them.  Or if I actually remember to use it, they are expired. That’s why Snip Snap is one of my favorite coupon apps. I can snap a picture of the coupons I want to use and the app will ping me when I walk into that store or send me a reminder when the coupon expires. Although Snip Snap isn’t a dedicated beauty app, you can use it for saving money on all your beauty needs.

Coupon Cabin

I love buying my beauty products online. One of the big reasons is a lot of them offer specials like bonus samples, free shipping or money off with promotional coupon codes. Keeping up with all the coupon codes is difficult. That’s where my Coupon Cabin coupon app comes in. It searches coupon codes for me and allows me to use them when shopping online. Sometimes if I’m shopping on the go or want to see if there is an online coupon for my purchase in store, I will check Coupon Cabin app to see if there is a discount available. You can use this to find health and beauty coupon codes or whatever else you may be shopping for online.

Like the Coupon Cabin app, Coupon Sherpa is another app that offers in store as well as online coupons.

There are many coupon apps that are out there, but these should give you a great start on finding your makeup and beauty items on a budget. Don’t throw your money away. The only difference between a $50 Chanel foundation and the same Chanel foundation that you used a coupon on and bought for $35 is $15 that you can leave in your pocket. You can use it to buy something else you have had your eye on.

Do you use any of these coupon apps to save money on your beauty supplies?  What’s your favorite beauty coupon app?

About Jen: Jen is a blogger, mom, and self-proclaimed fashion and beauty addict. Once a big city career girl working as a personal shopper, she has traded it in for a quiet laid back life in the south. Although she misses life in the city and shopping for a living, she now enjoys living vicariously through the fashion bloggers that she follows and keeping up with the latest fashion and beauty trends.

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Beauty Budget- When to Save, When to Splurge

In these lean and mean times, a girl still has gotta look good. It’s a good think that a few awesome products and pretty tricks separate the hotties from the…uh…homely. Don’t feel like your pay cut means a trip back to the dollar store. Here’s my top 6 Budget Beauty Tips!

Splurge- shop smart with your shoes

The general rule of thumb when it comes to purchases is that you want to invest the most in what is going to be with you the longest. A classic pair of black pumps will run you more than seasonal flip flops. Same thing with beauty. You need to be investing in what’s going to be with you the longest, and that’s your skin. Cut back whatever it takes for you to afford good skin care. Keep to the trifecta: Cleanse, Exfoliate, Moisturize. Nope, don’t bother with toner. I haven’t found any toner that was really needed. But the other three are must haves. Not saying you have to run out and drop a few hundred on Chanel. There are amazing lines available that work even better than department store brands, you just need to do a little research. When you do find the best for your skin, buy it and do without your weekly lip gloss purchase if that’s what it takes.

Save- cancer is expensive!

Lose the tanning bed membership. Cancer, anyone? Or if your lucky, you’ll just age prematurely from UV Damage. Nothing a several thousand-dollar trip to the dermatologist can’t fix.

Splurge- Less than a couple of latte’s and lasts longer

Continue to get the eyebrows done. Now that we have all those awesome little threading joints popping up, you can spring the 15 bucks to get cleaned up every few weeks. It’s just good housekeeping, and totally worth the money.

Save- we all know now why ombre is so popular

No more highlights. It’s summer, so you can let them grow out sufer-girl style. If you’ve been darkening your hair all over either from gray’s or just preference, find out how you can stretch out the space between appointments. If you’ve been with your stylist for a while, you can probably level with her.

Splurge- even dudes know something’s wrong if this isn’t right

Don’t cheap out on the foundation. If your a girl who wears foundation every day, your going to look silly if the cheap foundation you got doesn’t quite match your skin tone. If you can’t afford the right color and formula for your skin type, just skip it. But, if you need to have it, continue to get the correct color with the best forumla.

Save- it adds up!

Resist the urge to pick up a new gloss at the register. Those sneaky little devils in their pretty display right at check out, those pretty color’s glistening under the store light… no. You must remain strong. That $4 purchase 3 times a month will pay for those brows to get fixed, and trust me when I say no one is going to be looking at your lips if your eyebrows look like Robin Hood and his Merry Men are going to come running out any second.

It’s not going to be easy. Being on a budget never is. But, with a little self discipline and a firm grasp of what’s important, you’ll literally save face till we pull out of this. Then, if you go back to your wicked ways… well, that’s OK.

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Melting Makeup: Survival Guide to Las Vegas Summers

Confession: I LIVE for Vegas Summers. Where out-of-towners liken our heat to sticking ones head in an oven, I live for soaring 100+ temps. And after spending nearly thirty years in the sweltering Vegas heat, I’ve learned a thing or two about keeping your makeup in place well past margarita-hour.

The key to any water-resistant makeup is…wait for it… silicone. That’s right, silicone! And if not silicone, oil. Sounds strange, I get it, but hear me out. I know right now you’re picturing something like bacon fat in a frying pan, grease slowly dissolving under the heat into a runny mess. But let me ask you this- what would happen if you put salt water in that bacon grease? It would just bead up, right? Please don’t go slather your face in Crisco, just trying to give you a visual here. Silicone-based makeup is the sexier, savvier version of the old oil-based products. And it also happens to be the base of choice for most professional artists. We can use it for traditional application and airbrush application; it blends beautifully and leaves a silky but matte finish. Sweat and tears just bead up on its finish and roll right off.  Eureka! Thankfully professional line Makeup Forever has the ultimate collection of silicone-based foundation, and Temptu has some stellar product as well. For home use, I suggest the Makeup Forever HD line.

The other not-going-anywhere product you need to have to survive our summers is eye shadow primer. Unlike other parts of your face, the eyes always have some kind of friction going on. Open, close, open, close. The lid of your eye is constantly rubbing on your crease. If you’ve ever come home and seen that unattractive line of makeup where all your carefully applied shadow has migrated to, you know what I’m talking about. Enter primer to save the day! Primer acts as a kind of adhesive, although it’s not. It locks the shadow in place from underneath, so that all those come-hither looks you’re casting about don’t skew your makeup.

Finally, the thing you need to take with you, your go to, your touch up maven, is blotting paper. (Please don’t over pay. e.l.f. makes a great blotting paper, cheap enough for each bag or clutch.) We can put anti-shine on you, we can use silicone-based makeup, we can use primers, but there is absolutely nothing we can do about your oil and sweat glands. You WILL get shiny. Blotting papers lift the moisture from your face without moving your makeup underneath. In a pinch, those toilet seat covers in public bathrooms work wonders. (Unused, please.) Unless your day exceeds 10+ hours, resist the urge to take powder with you. Oil/sweat plus powder creates an icky, cakey looking finish on the face. Gross. Far better to appear a little dewy and smooth than to look like water and flour had a fight on your face.


Amelia C & Co


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Get Tanned, not Tanged! A guide to not-orange spray tans

spray tan tipsJersey Shore has scarred us for life. That bronze, golden tan we once coveted now gives us nightmares about skin cancer (tanning beds) or Snookie reincarnations. Well, my dear pale girl, this is your guide to glowing goodness without fear! Really read this blog and commit it to memory. It’s not much, but what I’m about to tell you will give you a tan and keep you from getting Tanged. (You know, that orange powdered drink thingy.)

Side Note- you know we do spray tans, right? Yup! We will come to you and hose you down for that wedding, event, or just because. And every single time, without fail, we get asked “I’m not going to look orange, right?” First of all, even if you were going to come out orange, if we are selling this service we sure wouldn’t say so, would we? “Why yes, you will. We call it the Oompa Loompa special.” No darling, you will NOT turn orange… IF you do EXACTLY as we say. If something goes wrong with your tan, 99% of the time it’s because you did not follow our instructions or complete our waiver form honestly. (So far, we haven’t had any orange tans, but we sure have heard about them!)  Alright, time to get those fears under control! Top three ways to avoid a bad spray tan:

1) Be honest about your typical tanning abilities.

The most important factor we look at to determine what level of solution to use on you is your typical tanning abilities. For example, if your so fair that you burn to a crisp in the sun, we need to know that. You may think that if you tell us you “sometimes tan” or “always tan, never burn” that your going to get the darkest solution possible. And your right! If you tell us that you tan easily, we are going to assume that your skin is capable of handling the high levels of DHA in darker solutions, and will use those. Using too high of a DHA level for your skin is the number one reason why tans go orange.

2) Have squeaky clean pores and follow our preparation instructions to the letter. 

It is. If you use deodorant prior to your tan, or didn’t full scrub your underarms, your going to turn green. That’s right, swamp green. Here’s why: DHA is actually a sugar that oxidizes. Think of an apple, when you bite into it, the sugar oxidizes and turns brown. So, when we spray this sugar-derived product on your skin, it will penetrate that top layer and turn your skin brown. If you have any other chemicals, such as aluminum very often found in anti-perspirants, that sugar is going to react to that product for a lovely moss hue. Lotion and perfume will act as  a barrier on the skin, and the product won’t be able to penetrate. That’s why some tans can be splotchy. If you want an even colored tan, you need to start with squeaky clean pores.

3) Know the post-spray care, and stick to it religiously till the tan starts to fade.

Most tans take up to 8 hours to fully penetrate and work. Getting wet by showering, sweating, or cleaning before that is a quick way to ruin a perfectly good tan. Once your tan is showered off, life as normal can resume but with a few precautions: No soaking in tubs, no lazy long swims in chlorine, no scrub-a-dub dubbing for about a week. Spray tans usually start to fade about a week after (though some of our clients have said our product, Bronze Body, lasts a good two weeks.) Your tan will fade quickly if you do any of the above, because all those things exfoliate the skin. Since tanning solutions only penetrate the top layer of the epidermis, if you scrub or soak that layer off it’s going to take your tan with it.

It needs to be said that this is not a total and complete list. There is a chance you could do all of the above and still end up orange, depending on what product you use and who your tanning technician is. Here at Amelia C & Co, we use Bronze Body products because their base is olive-colored, and therefore very unlikely to turn brassy on us. But, if something does go wrong, chances are there’s something amiss in the common areas we just covered.

You glow girl!


the ‘Co

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What we’re Thankful for!

It’s the season of thanks, the season of gratitude. Most makeup artists carry hundreds of products in their professional kit at any given time, but among the masses of cosmetics there are a few precious things we are especially grateful for! Here’s our list of can’t-do-without’s and gotta-have-its. Find some deals on Black Friday and you’ve got yourself a double dose of pretty!

Two Faced Primed and Poreless

This velvety, creamy, oh so smooth primer is a must have for nearly everyone. Just applying this alone evens out sheen on the skin an minimizes the appearance of pores and fine lines. When used prior to a foundation, the effect is so flawless that hardly a dusting of powder is needed!

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar

Few things get a makeup artists heart racing faster than a sexy, vibrant collection of lip hues. Lip Tar’s deep pigment colors go on like paint, last longer than one martini’s worth of conversation, and come in colors that gives us butterflies! Not to mention, the ultra rich color concentration means one little tube lasts and lasts and lasts… this is definite one cosmetic that doesn’t just give lip service to value!

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencil in Perversion and Demolition

UD has always created top-notch pencils for both lips and eyes and we didn’t think it was possible for them to top themselves, but they did! The intensity of the newest black eyeliner, Perversion, is exactly what’s called for when a glamorous night out is in order. The rich new brown hue of Demolition delivers the perfect true-brown shade with depth, and no weird reddish undertones. Both pencils are made with the same signature formula of the 24/7 Glide On collection which means it goes on creamy but stay’s put. And oh, how grateful we are for that!

Sexy Hair Products Powder Play

Hair powder has come a long way from sickly-sweet scented dry shampoos, and this particular product packs a punch! An absolute must anytime you need to do some serious back-combing. Sprinkling a bit of this powder on your roots prior to teasing will give your clip-in extensions something to hold on to when your dancing like no body’s watching. This little goody also will add texture to your hair when trying to get that piecey, tousled look. Tip: A little goes a long way! Try it on a home-day first, because if you over use it the only way to fix it is to cleanse your hair.


What’s the one cosmetic you are the most grateful for?

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A Pretty Penny… What’s the deal with makeup artist rates for weddings?

A long long time ago in a blog far away, I wrote about this rather uncomfortable subject-makeup artist rates for weddings. That blog has since gone the way of the dodo bird when the new site launched, and for a while it was forgotten. Two recent incidents have prompted me to resurrect the subject and dust it off once more: the sudden crop of “weekend warrior” makeup artists undercutting legitimate companies giving women a false idea of the value of a professional makeup application, and the recession that forced all of us to take a look at what we are buying.

While I can’t speak for others, I can say with absolute confidence that our rates accurately reflect our passion and performance in our craft. Doing makeup is just so personal… not only do we work with makeup, but we also work with peoples insecurities, their personalities, their opinions. I’m here to say that there truly is no better feeling in the world to give a client the mirror and have her   tearfully tell me that she’s never felt more beautiful. To be able to create that feeling, that emotion for a woman… you can’t put a price on that. It’s the best gift I can give to this planet, it’s what I believe I was put on this earth to do.

There is no more of a sensitive subject than money. While we casually dish up the details of our sex life over cocktails with our girlfriends, we guard our financial picture with fierce secrecy and vagueness.. as we should! Your finances are no ones business but those whom you share an account with (and let’s face it, the IRS). So to talk so bluntly about why makeup artists charge their rates is not to offend others by raising such a taboo subject, but rather, to help you understand that makeup artists (generally!) do not command exorbitant prices “just because we can”, but that there really is a method to our madness.

On any given job, I likely have approximately $5,000 worth of product with me.

My exquisite, top of the line Ninja Jet Airbrush Compressor ran me $230 (with a coupon.) My gun was an additional $60. Then I paid $350 (the DISCOUNTED rate) for a one-day, Master HD Airbrush Makeup Class. Before I airbrush you into smooth, velvety perfection, I’ve already invested $640. That’s not even counting the actual foundation. I’ve invested in the highest quality equipment and products, and then invested again in my skill set to make sure I was using my fancy new stuff correctly. Every artist that works for our company has a similar story, from 6 month academy training to week-long intensive classes. This high price doesn’t just apply to my airbrush- every artist on our team has a minimum of three different foundation lines with them at any given time. My favorite line is Makeup Forever in HD, a professional line from Paris that runs me $28 a bottle after my professional discount. The best liners on the market are by Urban Decay, and only a couple months ago did they start offering a professional discount. Before they ran us $22 a piece. I have about 3 eye liners and about 5 lip liners with me at all times. And of course, you can’t use pencils for every look, so I also keep a gel and a water-proof sealant with me as well… I could go on and on cataloging everything in my kit, but you get my drift. Makeup and equipment is extraordinarily expensive, education is expensive, and we need plenty of both to be a seasoned and prepared artist.

Advertising is for BOTH of our benefits

Being a great makeup artist doesn’t do our clients or our company any good if they can’t find us. Advertising is generally thought of in terms of being a boon to the company, and it is! But it is equally a boon to the client! Think about a time that you really needed something but couldn’t find exactly what you were looking for, so you settled for something less. The worst is later, you found out that so-and-so knows of this tiny little place that she just happened upon and got exactly the thing that you searched so long for! This is exactly why advertising doesn’t just benefit us, and why you NEED us to advertise. It isn’t cheap to buy ads or listings on websites, and that cost has to be taken into account when we price out our services. Part of what your paying for when you book us is the luxury of having found us in the first place.

We have to remain competitive with companies and artists of the same caliber.

Remaining competitive and in the same price range of companies or artists of the same caliber is absolutely essential to our success. While the gamut of pricing may run from  budget artists all the way to luxury artists, by placing our pricing in the same bracket as other companies whom we feel offer comparable services, we remain competitive and yet reasonable at the same time. Also, this helps prevent unethical strain on business relationships, and improves the industry overall.

Rates vary with the region and cost of living

A makeup artist living in California will likely charge substantially more than our Las Vegas-based company does. That is completely reasonable, considering that the cost of living in California is equally more expensive. Quite simply, a dollar goes a lot farther here than beach-side.

Your paying for both time AND skill

Recently, we had a client explain to us that she needed a lower rate because many of the extras we include in our standard service did not apply to her. The reason we were not able to offer this lower rate is because although she may not have wanted her hair pinned up, it took the same amount of time to blow-dry and curl it as she requested. She may not have wanted false lashes, but applying lashes only takes about five minutes and therefore does not drastically impact the overall time of her services. What I’m trying to say is this: We won’t sell our time for less simply because the perception is that the skill needed for it is less.

A pretty penny…

We aren’t crying poormouth- I positively loathe when companies and professionals do that to justify their rates. We make good money and are not ashamed to say so! Any professional who invests in their career and passion is absolutely entitled to charge accordingly. A professional makeup artist, from her kit to her skill, is worth every pretty penny you’ll invest… and a cheap makeup artist will almost always cost your much more than dollars in ruined photos, last minute cancellations, and unprofessional products.



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