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  • New Years Beauty Resolutions 2016: Protect Your Peepers!

    January 4, 2016No comments yet

    New Years Beauty Resolutions 2016: Protect Your Peepers!  Note: This wonderful guest post was written by beauty writer Cassie Brewer, a maven of words on all things beauty and style. For more info on Cassie, please visit her website at . Your eyes are so precious. Close them for a few minutes and see how much you miss them! On a daily basis, however, you’re putting them at risk of scratches, itching, and smelly germs – just by giving them…

  • The Worst Beauty Advice We’ve Ever Heard!

    November 4, 2015No comments yet

        The Worst Beauty Advice We’ve Ever Heard Have you ever noticed that whenever you complain about something, anything, that suddenly people turn into experts on the subject and offer their sage advice? Beauty is no different, and between curls that fall flat and mascara that smears, half the planet thinks they are a professional makeup artist or hair stylist when they hear your gripe. Some of the advice isn’t so bad, with most of the worst offenses (you’re not…

  • How to Turn Your Smartphone into Your Personal Fashion Consultant

    March 3, 2015No comments yet

    Today’s guest post is by the ever-lovely Gwen Eve Lewis. Gwen is a beauty and health writer for several publications, and something of a confirmed resource for all things gorgeous. We are excited to have her! Be sure to check out her other beautiful musings by following her Twitter feed: As smartphone technology kicks up yet another gear, it seems that there is little left that the phones of 2015 can’t do. They’re our organizers, gameboys, calculators, fitness trackers–and now even our fashion…

  • At Home Acne Treatments : Dumb things I’ve done

    December 1, 2014No comments yet

    **Note: New to my series on acne? It’s important that you start here. Once, in sheer panic, I took a pumice stone to my face. I took a pumice stone to my face.  Definitely not one of my finer moments. The allure of making some acne-blasting concoction from things you probably already have laying around your house is near irresistible. Or better yet, ransacking the skincare aisle of your nearest drugstore for potions that say they’ll do this, that, or the…

  • Medical Treatments for Acne: My dermatologist is my BFF

    December 1, 2014No comments yet

    **Note: New to my series on acne? It’s important that you start here. *Disclaimer: Let me make myself plain. I am not a doctor and I have absolutely NO medical training. Any advice you take from this article or any within the Acne series or on this blog is at your own risk. The purpose of this writing is to share my personal experiences regarding medical treatments for acne, and under no circumstances replaces the advice of a professional dermatologist or doctor….

  • Does your diet cause acne? Yes, No, Maybe

    November 7, 2014No comments yet

    **Note: New to my series on acne? It’s important that you start here. Some of the most vocal “experts” on acne have something to say about what you eat- Gluten causes acne! Dairy causes acne! Sugar causes acne! But really- does your diet cause acne? There’s unofficial and conflicting information on the subject, so I can’t give you a firm answer. But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t things to consider. Our skin is like a giant filter- keeps our goodies…

  • Acne Tips: Do’s and Don’ts for Acne Skin

    November 5, 2014No comments yet

    Desperate times call for desperate measures- and having acne makes a person really, really desperate. But before you turn your bathroom into an operating room amateur hour, check out my top acne tips: do’s and don’ts for acne skin. DON’T: Pick and pick at a spot, or try multiple times to squeeze it. If it’s not at a head already, you picking or squeezing it isn’t going to do any good. It will actually make it worse- now, instead of just…

  • Accutane: My Personal Experience

    October 7, 2014No comments yet

    **Note: New to my series on acne? It’s important that you start here. You should know from the start that if you’re considering Accutane as a viable option, it comes with a lot of strings attached. When I was on Accutane, as late as mid-2011, my routine tasks to keep my prescription included: – Signing a waiver stating I understood people have thought about suicide, attempted suicide, and committed suicide while taking Accutane – Signing a waiver agreeing to have…

  • What causes acne? What. The. Hell. Why Me

    October 6, 2014No comments yet

    **Note: New to my series on acne? It’s important that you start here. What causes acne? Hell if I know. The scary part is doctors don’t really know, either. But let me explain- Everyone who doesn’t have acne seems to know why you have acne. Have you ever noticed that? It’s like all those clear-faced people around you seem to have some advice to pass around. It’s a catch-22 tho- On one hand, if they had acne then you would…

  • Get Rid of Acne: An Introduction

    October 6, 20142 comments

    START HERE Get rid of acne: An Introduction It’s important that you read this before diving into the rest of the posts, so that you understand a) what makes me such a know-it-all on the subject of acne and b) so you can understand how the posts are laid out. It also is important for you to understand all the legal mumbo-jumbo that I need to say, so some a-hole doesn’t come after me and try to sue me. Disclaimer:…

  • Beauty Spring Clean! 5 Tips to turn your spring cleaning into a spa day

    March 13, 20142 comments

    If you’ve grown up in Vegas like most of the ‘Co has, you can appreciate the intense heat a whole lot more than visitors do. I’ve had some of our clients tell us that coming here in July is like sticking your head in the oven- it can definitely be unpleasant if you’re not used to it! But, for those of us who have spent many hot summer nights here, Spring is a sign of margaritas and pool time and…

  • Safe Cosmetics Database

    August 1, 2013No comments yet

    Authors Note: This article was written in 2010 and updated Sept 2013, and since then I’ve learned even more about the safety of our cosmetics. Specifically, the Safe Cosmetics Database. Something worth noting is that “hypoallergenic” makeup doesn’t mean much. It just means that the ingredients in the product do not generally cause a reaction in most people. Regarding the safety of mineral makeup because it’s “natural”… well, scorpions are natural, too. You going to rub one all over your face? The…