Green Queen

  • Safe Cosmetics Database

    August 1, 2013No comments yet

    Authors Note: This article was written in 2010 and updated Sept 2013, and since then I’ve learned even more about the safety of our cosmetics. Specifically, the┬áSafe Cosmetics Database.┬áSomething worth noting is that “hypoallergenic” makeup doesn’t mean much. It just means that the ingredients in the product do not generally cause a reaction in most people. Regarding the safety of mineral makeup because it’s “natural”… well, scorpions are natural, too. You going to rub one all over your face? The…

  • Sophie the Green Beauty Guru

    December 4, 2012No comments yet

    Everyone is trying to go green these days, but this lady has it down! Sophie Uliano is the author-turned-blogger of Gorgeously Green, the ultimate website for every woman getting her natural beauty on. Recently, (seriously, like, yesterday) Sophie launched The New Gorgeous, keeping her signature bright style in tact but lacing her content with new experts and new info. Boho chicks, unite! I’ve blogged here and there about going green, and yes I do use cloth napkins, but I got…

  • Kitchen Beautician: Emergency Facial

    March 13, 2012No comments yet

    It was Friday night and 5 days away from my next facial, and my skin just looked terrible. I was having some breakout, plus was feeling dry and rough- not the way I wanted to start my Saturday! Even if I had wanted to, I couldn’t move up my facial appointment because I knew the weekend was jam packed and that was no time to be dealing with all the havoc a great facial can wreck on your skin. **Heads…