• 2014: What An Epic Year

    December 30, 2014No comments yet

    You know that scene from Finding Nemo where the turtle is all like “Whoaaaaa!” and then is all like “Whoooooooa”? That’s totally been our year here at Amelia C & Co. There were some totally righteous WHOA’s and a very tearful whoa… So here we go. (I’m not entirely sure, but I think I just made a haiku…) I get all kinds of worked up at the start of the year, there’s so many possibilities and so much to look forward…

  • Zombie Halloween Makeup Las Vegas

    September 6, 201422 comments

    In tandem with our Sugar Skull shoot, we wanted some Zombies. Call me crazy, but after a decade of doing beautiful brides I really haven’t had a ton of opportunities to work on my fake blood skills. Only in recent years has this proven to be a liability on my part- apparently, everyone from CEO’s to ravers wants to look as though they are ready for their cameo on The Walking Dead. Being this close to Halloween and having an…

  • Sugar Skull – Halloween Makeup Las Vegas

    August 25, 20143 comments

    Somewhere in the middle of July, while I’m still packing my tanning oil and having a 5 pm margarita, bits of orange and black start to show up in stores. I crave summer intensely, but knowing that Halloween is just around the bend sure does soften the blow when I know it’s time to pull out my cool-weather clothes. And since it’s officially the end of August, I’ve checked myself for tan lines and the ‘Co is gearing up for…

  • #30daysgorgeous: The Seance

    February 25, 20144 comments

    There is a kind of reverence that hair and makeup artists have for all things vintage. Well, maybe not ALL hair and makeup artists. But a lot of us, especially my team. So, when Ron wanted to stage an epic 1930’s Seance session for #30daysgorgeous, we were all over it. Modern day beauty is wonderful, fresh, and has it’s own very fine points. Anything goes, although I’ll be the first to tell you I just don’t get “high fashion” makeup….

  • #30daysgorgeous: Film Noir Edition

    February 16, 20142 comments

    Confession: I have a small obsession with  all things Film Noir. Sexy crime detectives, swanky fedoras, trench-coats. There probably isn’t a woman on the face of the planet who at one point or another fantasized about living in the world L.A. Confidential created. Women were sexy and curvy, everything was dark and mysterious. The entire era of the 40’s drips with swagger. There’s only a few shoots I personally did as part of this #30daysgorgeous, but this, this one was…

  • #30daysgorgeous: Let Them Eat Cake

    February 14, 2014No comments yet

    When Ron Dillon and I first “met” each other a couple years ago over cyber space, it was because I had accidentally emailed the wrong person. Unlike most accidents, this turned out to be a happy one! We exchanged a few pleasantries and nothing more, and then just this past November happened to be at the same bridal show at the same time. It was also right when I was getting up the nerve to do #30daysgorgeous, so of course…

  • Zombie Makeup Las Vegas

    October 14, 2013No comments yet

    Which came first, the Lady Gaga zombie or Walking Dead? I confess, I’ve never seen a single episode of the super popular zombie show, but Chief Dude (Rob, the charming guy you talk to when you book) is a huge fan. And so are lot’s of people! The requests for zombie makeup have been coming in thick and fast for the past few years. Two Halloweens ago, we partnered with Pin-Up Bride Planners to sponsor a wedding-industry Halloween party here…

  • Halloween Makeup Las Vegas – Little Black Dress Halloween Costume

    October 3, 201324 comments

    Las Vegas does Halloween right… the Fetish and Fantasy Ball, the costume contests, all the events that bring out the dark, the weird, the curious. And we are no exception- Halloween makeup is our time to break out of the soft pinks and sweet browns into full-on costume makeup. Bianca  loves working with latex to create gruesome looks- like the eerie cut smile of the Black Dahlia. Alana imagined what it would be like if the black-and-white flappers captured in…

  • Blade-Runner Inspired Photoshoot

    February 20, 2013

    It feels good to flex some creative muscle once in a while. After doing hair and makeup at Las Vegas CES with sci-fi hottie geek Alison Haislip, I was feeling inspired to do some funky hair and makeup. The result was this super fun, futuristic shoot inspired by Blade Runner! Izzy was the perfect model, with her exotic look and up-for-anything personality. She was such a trooper, working it outside in the dead of winter at night. We were aiming…

  • Dia De Los Muertos: Halloween Makeup Las Vegas

    November 1, 2012No comments yet

    Halloween makeup Las Vegas is the BEST. Between all the parties, especially the Fetish and Fantasy Ball, we get some of the coolest requests! It seemed appropriate to save these images for today, Dios De Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. What’s that you say? Halloween was yesterday? Well, pull yourself out of that candy-and-cider coma because your about to get schooled, Wikipedia explains: “Day of the Dead (Spanish: Día de los Muertos) is a Mexican holiday celebrated throughout Mexico and around the…