Who We Heart

  • Kyle + Andrew – Las Vegas Wedding Design by Scheme

    August 15, 2016No comments yet

    Makeup Artist Alana G sent me a photo. She had a GoPro strapped to her head. That’s how I knew the wedding design by Scheme Events for these two rock-climbing sweethearts was definitely going off the beaten path. And then, then, be still my heart, I saw the photos by photographer Leah Evans. Oh, my Chanel… Now about that GoPro. I was able to get before and afters of Alana, one with the device strapped to her head and the…

  • Eddie + Sybil – A Most Incredible Las Vegas Wedding

    August 15, 2016No comments yet

    I don’t normally meet my bride for the first time at 1am in a hotel room, but when I do, I probably have resting b*tch face so hard I can’t even hide it. And then I fell in love with Sybil and Eddie, who were just about as perfect a pair as a wedding vendor could ask for. Not sure what my face did, but, you sweet couple, know my heart was beaming on the inside. And by the time…

  • Ashleigh + Matt One Year Down, Forever to Go

    August 1, 2016No comments yet

    I wasn’t entirely sure what I got myself into when I rang Ashleigh’s doorbell in late spring, but I figured it was going to be pretty fab considering Jodi of J. Anne Photography was in the mix. See, shooting with Jodi means a lovely time will had by all… I mean, the lady figured out how to work the word “hoe” into her tagline for wedding photography and she totally get’s away with it. So yea, I wasn’t entirely sure what the…

  • Alyssa + Tyson – Las Vegas Wedding

    June 21, 2016No comments yet

    “She was a beauty, inside and out,” Daileny said when I called her to get the scoop on this beautiful bride who’s photos landed in my inbox. When I first saw Alyssa + Tysons Las Vegas wedding photos on Moxie Studio’s Facebook page, I had to pinch myself. Is this real life? Is this what we get to do for a living? Can a girl get a hallelujah? She looked perfect. Like the something on the cover of a bridal magazine. Daileny…

  • Dana + White Henna Maternity Shoot

    May 30, 20163 comments

    Chetna is a petite, adorable little woman from South Asia who does henna art. I like hanging out with Chetna- she’s so incredibly authentic, and when we chat, she drops these little gems of truth bombs that I don’t even think she realizes are profound, and just carries on. She’s a joy to work with, and we have together on several Indian weddings in Las Vegas. When she said she wanted to do a white henna maternity shoot, I was…

  • Spring Fling Makeup + Floral + Photography Styled Shoot

    April 27, 2016No comments yet

    When Jodi of J. Anne Photography shoots you a text asking about hair and makeup for an Easter-inspired styled shoot with Layers of Lovely and a bunny… you respond as fast as your fingers will text with a resounding YES, forcing as much enthusiasm as electronic conversations can be into those three simple letters. YES, Jodi, I would LOVE to work with you, followed by an over zealous amount of emojis. Mostly the ones with the hearts for eyes but…

  • Aliante Las Vegas Wedding

    February 22, 2016No comments yet

    When we heard that Aliante wanted to style a Las Vegas wedding shoot to showcase their beautiful property and High Class Studios was going to be behind the lens, we were all in. Most of the beautiful photos you see online of brides are actually styled shoots just like these. The great thing about styling and staging a not-real wedding is that you get to play with different ideas and concepts that you might not have an opportunity to, otherwise….

  • Erin + Zeke Las Vegas Wedding

    February 15, 2016No comments yet

    When I first met Erin, I thought “yes!”. She was absolutely beautiful with perfectly shaped features, clear blue eyes and a mane of brown hair to match. She could have pulled off any look in the world, but I was pretty happy when she opted for full-on bridal glam. Because, you know those country girls love their makeup! We got to do a bridal preview a few months before the big day, and when her wedding rolled around just as…

  • Hayley Get’s Hitched! Las Vegas Weddings

    February 9, 2016No comments yet

    A year and a half after she said yes, Hayley and George got hitched! Also known as the day I drunk cried for about 10 hours. Because, it was a BIG deal. Hayley was the first stylist in the ‘Co to get married after having already been a bridal hairstylist for a long time. We do hair and makeup for Las Vegas weddings all day, every day, but it’s a whole different ball game when it’s someone who is IN…

  • Hayley Get’s Hitched! Spa-Themed Bridal Shower

    February 3, 2016No comments yet

    Ok ok, so I may be over-killing a tad bit here, but when your entire career revolves around weddings and then someone you love a whole lot gets wifed up, it’s kinda a big deal. Besides, it was the PERFECT excuse to finally do all those incredible idea’s I’ve spent the past decade saving up in my head! A spa-themed bridal shower was the perfect fit for our beauty bride-to-be! In my previous post, I talked about the incredibly wonderful…

  • The ‘Co 2016

    January 19, 20161 comment

    Nineteen days in and this year is already amazing. The ‘Co has been around long enough now to start telling stories that start with “back in the day”. It’s bizarre to think of our little merry band of hair and makeup artists like that. I think the more sophisticated phrase is something along the lines of “The days are long but the years are short.” What a true story that is. If you’ve been following the ‘Co the past year…

  • 2014: What An Epic Year

    December 30, 2014No comments yet

    You know that scene from Finding Nemo where the turtle is all like “Whoaaaaa!” and then is all like “Whoooooooa”? That’s totally been our year here at Amelia C & Co. There were some totally righteous WHOA’s and a very tearful whoa… So here we go. (I’m not entirely sure, but I think I just made a haiku…) I get all kinds of worked up at the start of the year, there’s so many possibilities and so much to look forward…