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  • Why We Don’t Do “Before & After” Photos

    July 12, 2016No comments yet

    Why we don’t do “before & after” photos… excuse me while I rip on this for a sec. Nevermind the fact that your face is not a house, this isn’t a reality series, and no screaming chef or businessman is going to leap out and suddenly have a Hallmark moment with you. Actually, if you are in our chair, there’s a good chance that something BIG is about to happen. You are either about to get married, go on stage,…

  • Amelia C Interview with Makeup Artist Essentials

    May 9, 2016No comments yet

    In early April, we were contacted by Matt, editor over at Makeup Artist Essentials, and requested to do an interview. Makeup Artist Essentials is a website dedicated to future makeup artists who are exploring the possibility of a professional career. Now, I’ve only done a few other interviews in my life, including an awkward live phone interview I was NOT prepared for (my fault, not the interviewers!) but I thought, hey, game on, let’s go! And then, spring wedding season…

  • 10K Wedding Advice

    February 29, 2016No comments yet

    Ten Thousand Weddings. That was the number I came to recently when I realized I was on the cusp of twelves years as a wedding industry professional. We have done over ten…thousand…weddings. When your entire career is wrapped in white tulle, “I Do’s”, and covered in fondant, you learn a thing or two about weddings. Even though we generally only work in the pre-ceremony hours leading up to the big event, we still see everything that happens behind the scenes….

  • Hayley Get’s Hitched! Spa-Themed Bridal Shower

    February 3, 2016No comments yet

    Ok ok, so I may be over-killing a tad bit here, but when your entire career revolves around weddings and then someone you love a whole lot gets wifed up, it’s kinda a big deal. Besides, it was the PERFECT excuse to finally do all those incredible idea’s I’ve spent the past decade saving up in my head! A spa-themed bridal shower was the perfect fit for our beauty bride-to-be! In my previous post, I talked about the incredibly wonderful…

  • DIY Sugar Scrub Bar

    February 1, 2016No comments yet

      I have been doing weddings now for nearly a dozen years. Of those dozen years, I have been in exactly two weddings, three if you count mine. Sure, I’ve attended plenty, but I haven’t had any bridal party “duties”, since the two I was a bridesmaid for were smaller and more casual. Needless to say, when our own Hayley got engaged and asked me to be a bridesmaid, it was GAME ON. Of all the things I was looking…

  • New Years Beauty Resolutions 2016: Protect Your Peepers!

    January 4, 2016No comments yet

    New Years Beauty Resolutions 2016: Protect Your Peepers!  Note: This wonderful guest post was written by beauty writer Cassie Brewer, a maven of words on all things beauty and style. For more info on Cassie, please visit her website at . Your eyes are so precious. Close them for a few minutes and see how much you miss them! On a daily basis, however, you’re putting them at risk of scratches, itching, and smelly germs – just by giving them…

  • Makeup and Style Tips for the Festive Season

    November 24, 2015No comments yet

    Note: This wonderful guest post was written by beauty writer Cassie Brewer, a maven of words on all things beauty and style. For more info on Cassie, please visit her website at . Makeup and Style Tips for the Festive Season You want to use the latest fashion trends to look stunning these holidays, but be sure that you choose the right items to enhance your own brand of beauty. We’ve got you covered with some of the top trends…

  • The Worst Beauty Advice We’ve Ever Heard!

    November 4, 2015No comments yet

        The Worst Beauty Advice We’ve Ever Heard Have you ever noticed that whenever you complain about something, anything, that suddenly people turn into experts on the subject and offer their sage advice? Beauty is no different, and between curls that fall flat and mascara that smears, half the planet thinks they are a professional makeup artist or hair stylist when they hear your gripe. Some of the advice isn’t so bad, with most of the worst offenses (you’re not…

  • Prepare Your Hair For the Summer Sun

    June 29, 2015No comments yet

    Prepare Your Hair For the Summer Sun When the summer season rolls around, you might not think much about what’s happening to your hair, almost everyone worries about their skin and protect themselves from sun damage. But while you’re enjoying the hot days, your hair could be getting dried out, stripped and mistreated by the elements. To ensure glorious locks all summer, here’s how to prep your hair for the heat. Get UV Protection You look after your skin so that…

  • How to Turn Your Smartphone into Your Personal Fashion Consultant

    March 3, 2015No comments yet

    Today’s guest post is by the ever-lovely Gwen Eve Lewis. Gwen is a beauty and health writer for several publications, and something of a confirmed resource for all things gorgeous. We are excited to have her! Be sure to check out her other beautiful musings by following her Twitter feed: As smartphone technology kicks up yet another gear, it seems that there is little left that the phones of 2015 can’t do. They’re our organizers, gameboys, calculators, fitness trackers–and now even our fashion…

  • Covering Acne with Makeup: Professional makeup tips for acne skin

    January 19, 20154 comments

    **Note: New to my series on acne? It’s important that you start here. If there’s one thing I’m fiercely proud of as a professional makeup artist, it’s my ability to cover acne skin flawlessly with cosmetics. I’ve spent way too many mornings perfecting the skill on my own pizza face. At the same time, I’m also deeply grateful that my profession allows me knowledge and access to the best products out there. I don’t honestly know how I would have managed…

  • Beauty Advice to my 16- Year Old Self

    April 29, 20142 comments

    Every day I put on my eyebrows. Every day, with a very steady hand and a light cosmetic mirror, I have to carefully reconstruct the eyebrows I destroyed as a teenager. I used to have the most beautiful, glorious eyebrows. And now, I just have pathetic and uneven commas. Had I only known… Sometimes I day dream of the kind of high-school reunion that teen movies are made of. I was such a dork in high school. Growing up in foster care,…