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  • Patriotic Pinups 2014!

    September 29, 2014No comments yet

    It’s BACK!!! Patriotic Pinups 2014 is happening November 1&2nd, just in time to be a special gift for the holidays! If you’re new to this event, allow me to give you the sassy low down. PPLV is an annual fundraiser featuring Las Vegas pinup photography for two full days of kick-up-your-pumps lovely. The fundraiser is the brainchild of our ‘Co friend, Sue Altenburg of Altenburg Studio. Sue and I go waaaayyyy back. As in, she was the first photographer to give a…

  • Zombie Halloween Makeup Las Vegas

    September 6, 201422 comments

    In tandem with our Sugar Skull shoot, we wanted some Zombies. Call me crazy, but after a decade of doing beautiful brides I really haven’t had a ton of opportunities to work on my fake blood skills. Only in recent years has this proven to be a liability on my part- apparently, everyone from CEO’s to ravers wants to look as though they are ready for their cameo on The Walking Dead. Being this close to Halloween and having an…

  • Sugar Skull – Halloween Makeup Las Vegas

    August 25, 20143 comments

    Somewhere in the middle of July, while I’m still packing my tanning oil and having a 5 pm margarita, bits of orange and black start to show up in stores. I crave summer intensely, but knowing that Halloween is just around the bend sure does soften the blow when I know it’s time to pull out my cool-weather clothes. And since it’s officially the end of August, I’ve checked myself for tan lines and the ‘Co is gearing up for…

  • Ms. Nevada United States 2014 Brittany Williams!

    July 21, 2014No comments yet

    Three cheers for Brittany! Our dazzling friend and model has won another title- Ms. Nevada United States 2014! Brittany has been a face for the ‘Co since before it was even an official, real-deal company. We met first at a clothing catalog shoot back in 2009, and have been buzzing and weaving and crossing paths ever since. She is one of my go-to, know it’s gonna look amazing models I call on when I’m working on a collaborative project. Even…

  • Felina Vie: Pin Up Hair and Makeup with Tyler

    July 10, 2014No comments yet

    When the Viva Las Vegas shindig comes to town, the pin-ups come out with all their red-lipped, winged liner glory… it’s the quintessential rockin’ good time for greaser boys and pinned up girls! When ‘Co friend and partner Sue over at Altenburg Studio told us she had an opportunity to work with Felina Vie, who was in town for Rockabilly Weekend, we were all over it like corsets on a waistline. One of our resident hair and makeup artists, Tyler,…

  • Bridal Spectacular Shoot with Stephen Salazar

    July 2, 2014No comments yet

    In a previous post, we gave up the goods from our amazing shoot with Bridal Spectacular. In the past three years, we usually did just the one shoot for the magazine, but this year we scored and got invited to be a part of a second shoot as well. And when we heard that we’d be working with Stephen Salazar, it was just icing on the cupcake! The set was out at Lake Las Vegas, a swanky yet quiet area…

  • Bridal Spectacular Shoot-Out

    April 8, 2014No comments yet

    If you grew up in Vegas, you know that the Bridal Spectacular show is where it’s AT for brides. I remember being little and hearing their signature jingle, “If your a bride to be, the place to be is the Spectacular Bridal Show!” Now that I’m a grown woman running the amazing Las Vegas wedding hair and makeup team that is the ‘Co, I actually get to be a part of the bridal fair. It’s pretty surreal! We got our…

  • #30daysgorgeous: Big Finale

    April 2, 2014No comments yet

    Rather than put this gem truly at the end, we are going to stick it right here in the middle. It’s pretty amazing, and while we could wait till everything has been posted, you could be swooning over the amazing gown collection at the Las Vegas designer wedding gown boutique, Couture Bride! There’s a saying that goes something like this- Dec 26th is the busiest day for wedding gown shops. Ok, so maybe it’s more of a rumor than a…

  • #30daysgorgeous: M Resort with Ella Gagiano

    March 9, 2014No comments yet

    Sometimes you just feel lucky, you know? Outside of the whole “lady luck” situation that Vegas has. This particular #30daysgorgeous session made me feel really lucky. Lucky that photographer Ella Gagiano was on board with the project. Lucky that I happen to know a beyond beautiful model who just so happens to be a friend. Lucky that our friends at Couture Bride would loan us yet another dress. Lucky that this team of ours is 5-star, all the way. Lucky that M…

  • #30daysgorgeous: Blue Luck Bridal

    February 28, 2014No comments yet

    In the middle of our #30daysgorgeous project, we also had the massive bridal show that is Bridal Spectacular. Naturally, bridal shows at the start of the year are lavish productions, riding the wave of all the holiday engagements. (Here in the ‘biz, we know you husbands-to-be like to pop the question between Thanksgiving and Valentines day. There ya go, a little insider info for ya!) That means that between organizing, collaborating, and actually doing 30 shoots in 30 days, we…

  • #30daysgorgeous: The Seance

    February 25, 20144 comments

    There is a kind of reverence that hair and makeup artists have for all things vintage. Well, maybe not ALL hair and makeup artists. But a lot of us, especially my team. So, when Ron wanted to stage an epic 1930’s Seance session for #30daysgorgeous, we were all over it. Modern day beauty is wonderful, fresh, and has it’s own very fine points. Anything goes, although I’ll be the first to tell you I just don’t get “high fashion” makeup….

  • #30daysgorgeous: Film Noir Edition

    February 16, 20142 comments

    Confession: I have a small obsession with  all things Film Noir. Sexy crime detectives, swanky fedoras, trench-coats. There probably isn’t a woman on the face of the planet who at one point or another fantasized about living in the world L.A. Confidential created. Women were sexy and curvy, everything was dark and mysterious. The entire era of the 40’s drips with swagger. There’s only a few shoots I personally did as part of this #30daysgorgeous, but this, this one was…