• Angharad + Jason Las Vegas Destination Wedding

    August 22, 2016No comments yet

    We got to meet Angharad severals months before her wedding when we did her trial, and she was as smart as she is kind. Her delicate freckles and light brown hair with tinges of auburn fit her personality so beautifully, I knew then she’d make a gorgeous bride even before I saw her in her gown! Lucky for all of us, Tara over at Scheme Events coordinated and designed their so-unique wedding. Succulents and Geodes with teal and navy? Who…

  • Kyle + Andrew – Las Vegas Wedding Design by Scheme

    August 15, 2016No comments yet

    Makeup Artist Alana G sent me a photo. She had a GoPro strapped to her head. That’s how I knew the wedding design by Scheme Events for these two rock-climbing sweethearts was definitely going off the beaten path. And then, then, be still my heart, I saw the photos by photographer Leah Evans. Oh, my Chanel… Now about that GoPro. I was able to get before and afters of Alana, one with the device strapped to her head and the…

  • Eddie + Sybil – A Most Incredible Las Vegas Wedding

    August 15, 2016No comments yet

    I don’t normally meet my bride for the first time at 1am in a hotel room, but when I do, I probably have resting b*tch face so hard I can’t even hide it. And then I fell in love with Sybil and Eddie, who were just about as perfect a pair as a wedding vendor could ask for. Not sure what my face did, but, you sweet couple, know my heart was beaming on the inside. And by the time…

  • Clarissa + Tyler Paiute Golf Resort Wedding

    August 8, 20161 comment

    Spring is tricky in Las Vegas. On the one hand, it’s usually not the icy, drizzly affair most northern states endure on the long quest to sunshine. On the other hand, it’s often windy. This spring, it’s as though Mother Nature wanted to remind us that she holds all the cards, and not to take her for granted because she can take away our sunshine in a hurry. Thankfully, when Adri of Fabio & Adri Photography sent me over photos…

  • Ashleigh + Matt One Year Down, Forever to Go

    August 1, 2016No comments yet

    I wasn’t entirely sure what I got myself into when I rang Ashleigh’s doorbell in late spring, but I figured it was going to be pretty fab considering Jodi of J. Anne Photography was in the mix. See, shooting with Jodi means a lovely time will had by all… I mean, the lady figured out how to work the word “hoe” into her tagline for wedding photography and she totally get’s away with it. So yea, I wasn’t entirely sure what the…

  • Elle & Jay Events + The Doyle Styled Shoot

    July 25, 2016No comments yet

    In early May, we got an email from the J of Elle & Jay Events, also known properly as Jessica. There’re a couple new kids on the block and they were working over a building on the other side of the tracks, and would the ‘Co be down for a styled shoot? Does James Brown get down? Why yes, we would love to!  Dubbed The Doyle, Jessica and Lenzi (obviously the L in Elle & Jay) weren’t just ushering in their…

  • Shannon + Jesse – Nelson Ghost Town Wedding

    July 18, 2016No comments yet

    If you head south out of Vegas, and slightly to the east, you’ll likely run into the wildly under-recognized and totally rad spot that is Nelson Ghost Town. Couples who dig a little deeper into wedding venues like Shannon + Jesse did find this quite little spot, roughly 45-minutes away from the lights. The area has rustic roots with a whiz of 1950’s pop culture sprinkled in, which makes for a lovely backdrop for a variety of tastes. We’ve done…

  • Kelly + Brian – Las Vegas Wedding

    June 28, 2016No comments yet

    Kelly is this bubbly, sweet, doe-eyed bride that gave off the “I’m just happy to be here” kind of vibe. I met them early on a Thursday morning for her bridal preview, just two days before Kelly + Brian’s Las Vegas wedding. It was rather early in the morning for a bridal preview, but as luck would have it, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. See, I had just spent the past five days getting this smart and sassy…

  • Alyssa + Tyson – Las Vegas Wedding

    June 21, 2016No comments yet

    “She was a beauty, inside and out,” Daileny said when I called her to get the scoop on this beautiful bride who’s photos landed in my inbox. When I first saw Alyssa + Tysons Las Vegas wedding photos on Moxie Studio’s Facebook page, I had to pinch myself. Is this real life? Is this what we get to do for a living? Can a girl get a hallelujah? She looked perfect. Like the something on the cover of a bridal magazine. Daileny…

  • Jasmine + Micha – Paiute Resort Wedding

    June 14, 2016No comments yet

    Jasmine’s makeup trial took place in late winter, or early spring, depending on your viewpoint. But regardless if you see the last dregs of cold weather or the first peaks of warmer days, you’re likely to sniffle your way through it, as I was when I showed up on her mothers doorstep one afternoon with my makeup kit in one hand and Keelenx in the other. I can’t remember what she had going on that day, but I knew it…

  • Kristina + JJ – Las Vegas Wedding

    June 7, 2016No comments yet

    I can think of maybe three or four times in my entire career when a bride has made me cry. (The sappy, sweet kind of cry, not the reality TV kind of cry.) And I’ve done, say, ten thousand weddings. So, it’s not often that I’m sitting there crying at a wedding, I mean, for crying out loud, we are professional makeup artists. We have a grip on our emotions. Except, at Kristina + JJ’s wedding in Las Vegas. And…

  • 10K Wedding Advice

    February 29, 2016No comments yet

    Ten Thousand Weddings. That was the number I came to recently when I realized I was on the cusp of twelves years as a wedding industry professional. We have done over ten…thousand…weddings. When your entire career is wrapped in white tulle, “I Do’s”, and covered in fondant, you learn a thing or two about weddings. Even though we generally only work in the pre-ceremony hours leading up to the big event, we still see everything that happens behind the scenes….