• 10K Wedding Advice

    February 29, 2016No comments yet

    Ten Thousand Weddings. That was the number I came to recently when I realized I was on the cusp of twelves years as a wedding industry professional. We have done over ten…thousand…weddings. When your entire career is wrapped in white tulle, “I Do’s”, and covered in fondant, you learn a thing or two about weddings. Even though we generally only work in the pre-ceremony hours leading up to the big event, we still see everything that happens behind the scenes….

  • Aliante Las Vegas Wedding

    February 22, 2016No comments yet

    When we heard that Aliante wanted to style a Las Vegas wedding shoot to showcase their beautiful property and High Class Studios was going to be behind the lens, we were all in. Most of the beautiful photos you see online of brides are actually styled shoots just like these. The great thing about styling and staging a not-real wedding is that you get to play with different ideas and concepts that you might not have an opportunity to, otherwise….

  • Erin + Zeke Las Vegas Wedding

    February 15, 2016No comments yet

    When I first met Erin, I thought “yes!”. She was absolutely beautiful with perfectly shaped features, clear blue eyes and a mane of brown hair to match. She could have pulled off any look in the world, but I was pretty happy when she opted for full-on bridal glam. Because, you know those country girls love their makeup! We got to do a bridal preview a few months before the big day, and when her wedding rolled around just as…

  • Hayley Get’s Hitched! Las Vegas Weddings

    February 9, 2016No comments yet

    A year and a half after she said yes, Hayley and George got hitched! Also known as the day I drunk cried for about 10 hours. Because, it was a BIG deal. Hayley was the first stylist in the ‘Co to get married after having already been a bridal hairstylist for a long time. We do hair and makeup for Las Vegas weddings all day, every day, but it’s a whole different ball game when it’s someone who is IN…

  • Kelli + Stephanie

    February 8, 20161 comment

    It was a total fluke that I got to meet Kelli and Stephanie. I can explain. Hayley was supposed to be the hairstylist for their wedding, and due to a family emergency she needed that day off. It was pretty easy to rework the schedule so she could be with her family, and I stepped in to take her place as Kelli & Stephanie’s hairstylist. It was the best possible fluke ever. When I walked into their suite at the…

  • Hayley Get’s Hitched! Spa-Themed Bridal Shower

    February 3, 2016No comments yet

    Ok ok, so I may be over-killing a tad bit here, but when your entire career revolves around weddings and then someone you love a whole lot gets wifed up, it’s kinda a big deal. Besides, it was the PERFECT excuse to finally do all those incredible idea’s I’ve spent the past decade saving up in my head! A spa-themed bridal shower was the perfect fit for our beauty bride-to-be! In my previous post, I talked about the incredibly wonderful…

  • #30daysgorgeous: Groovy Kind of Love

    December 6, 2014No comments yet

    Coming up with 30 different photo shoot ideas in 30 days was no small feat, and I knew the easiest way to go about it was to start with expanding themes that already played into our daily wedding beauty requests. Since we knew we’d be recreating looks from the 20’s through the 40’s, we decided to tiptoe into the late 60’s for one of our #30daysgorgeous sessions. As far as fashion and beauty, the 70’s kind of get a bad…

  • Same Love Styled Shoot- Gay Weddings Las Vegas

    December 6, 2014No comments yet

    We love our hottie lezzies!! Ok, we love our fabulous gay boyfriends too, but trust me when I say that every gay man I’ve ever known who wanted to wear makeup is already doing it. So as wedding hair and makeup artists, I’m pretty certain that it’s all about the lesbians for us! And we couldn’t be more excited that same love is legal and here to stay in Las Vegas! Back in October when the race to marriage equality…

  • Nevada Legalizes Gay Marriage!! Oh Happy Day!

    October 14, 2014No comments yet

    As is my routine, when I woke up on Oct 8th I rolled over in bed to do a quick scan of my emails. (Which is naughty, by the way. Don’t do that!) Immediately I saw a message from gal-pal and ‘Co cohort celebrity wedding designer Brit Bertino… Nevada legalizes gay marriage today!! I didn’t realize that this issue was being addressed in the Supreme Court right now- I admit that when it comes to politics, I usually pay really…

  • Bridal Spectacular Shoot with Stephen Salazar

    July 2, 2014No comments yet

    In a previous post, we gave up the goods from our amazing shoot with Bridal Spectacular. In the past three years, we usually did just the one shoot for the magazine, but this year we scored and got invited to be a part of a second shoot as well. And when we heard that we’d be working with Stephen Salazar, it was just icing on the cupcake! The set was out at Lake Las Vegas, a swanky yet quiet area…

  • 8 Wedding Makeup Tips for the Modern Bride

    April 15, 2014No comments yet

    This Spring, it will be 10 years since I started doing wedding hair and makeup in Las Vegas. Just saying that doesn’t even seem real to me- 10 years? WOW. It doesn’t seem like that long ago I did my first wedding, but yet when I think about how fast things change it seems like it was several decades ago, instead of just one. When I started doing wedding hair, it was all about the curly and high up-do complete…

  • Bridal Spectacular Shoot-Out

    April 8, 2014No comments yet

    If you grew up in Vegas, you know that the Bridal Spectacular show is where it’s AT for brides. I remember being little and hearing their signature jingle, “If your a bride to be, the place to be is the Spectacular Bridal Show!” Now that I’m a grown woman running the amazing Las Vegas wedding hair and makeup team that is the ‘Co, I actually get to be a part of the bridal fair. It’s pretty surreal! We got our…