Six 0 One

Remember when The Price is Right was on, and they have the lineup of contestants estimating the value of something? There was always that one person who would say “$600!” and then the very next person would say “$601!” Yea, that’s what this is. This is your own “601”. It’s how you’re going to level up. The Las Vegas hair and makeup team that makes up the ‘Co is how you one up that fitness competition with fierce stage makeup. It’s how you rock that sexy gown with full extensions. And Halloween makeup? Yea, it’s a favorite of ours. We love sugar skull makeup, zombies and wounds, sexy princess’s and pretty much all of it. Not to mention a great party, where we can tat up your customers or booth visitors at the trade show with glitter or airbrush tattoo’s they won’t have to explain to mom since they wash off. So check out our galleries, wander around a bit and then hit us up with your idea’s. Cuz it’s gonna be like the Fonz- cool.