Clip-In Extensions:

Clip-In extensions are the ideal alternative when you want long, thick locks without the financial and time commitment of other methods. You or your artist can install the clip-in’s in a matter of minutes, and when your day is through you can remove them easily yourself. You’ll want to find extensions that are a close match or very slightly darker to your own hair color, and if necessary close to your natural texture as well. No one should ever notice you have a weave! We recommend 3-5 tracks per set. Although this is not a product we provide, you should be able to easily obtain clip-in extensions at a beauty supply or hair store near you. Be sure to purchase 100% Remy Human Hair. When you bring them to your appointment, we will happily put them in at no additional cost.

Cost: $$              Lasts: One to Two Days         Maintenance: None

Micro-Link with Weft Extensions:

These extensions are very similar to clip-ins in the way they lay against the scalp on a weft, but unlike clip-ins they are not removed at the end of the night and can last up to two months. A weft of hair is cut and measured to your size, and then single tracks are installed with silicone-lined microlinks to secure the hair into place. This is the best option for long-term extensions that are cost-conscious. Also great for alarming your mother in-law with a pop of pink right before the holidays. To receive this service, a consultation two days prior to installation is needed to determine and order the hair. On the day of the service, these extensions can be installed within an hour. A professional is required to uninstall these extensions to prevent ripping or damaging of the hair when removed. This is option is perfect for long, lush locks from the wedding day and through the honey moon.

Cost: $$$            Lasts: Up to 2 Months            Maintenance: May need touch up at one-month

Micro-Link Individual Extensions:

These bad-boys are the ultimate in flowing, lush hair sans harmful glue bonding. Individual groupings of hair are attached in very small sections to your own hair, adding the thickest, closest version to how your own hair would lay. What makes these awesome is that unlike wefts that lay in a single track, each strand of these are individually installed so your styles can be more versatile. You can also opt to throw some different colored strands in there, for highlights without damage or low-lights without commitment. A consultation is required two days before installation to determine and order the appropriate hair. On the day of installation, the process may take up to three hours, depending on how many extensions need to be installed. These extensions require a removal by a professional so that the natural hair is not damaged or ripped.

Cost: $$$$          Lasts: Up to 2 Months            Maintenance: May need touch up at one-month