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Spring Fling Makeup + Floral + Photography Styled Shoot

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Image for Spring Fling Makeup + Floral + Photography Styled Shoot

When Jodi of J. Anne Photography shoots you a text asking about hair and makeup for an Easter-inspired styled shoot with Layers of Lovely and a bunny… you respond as fast as your fingers will text with a resounding YES, forcing as much enthusiasm as electronic conversations can be into those three simple letters. YES, Jodi, I would LOVE to work with you, followed by an over zealous amount of emojis. Mostly the ones with the hearts for eyes but…

Aliante Las Vegas Wedding

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Image for Aliante Las Vegas Wedding

When we heard that Aliante wanted to style a Las Vegas wedding shoot to showcase their beautiful property and High Class Studios was going to be behind the lens, we were all in. Most of the beautiful photos you see online of brides are actually styled shoots just like these. The great thing about styling and staging a not-real wedding is that you get to play with different ideas and concepts that you might not have an opportunity to, otherwise….

All Pinned Up! Las Vegas Pinup Hair and Makeup

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Got the call past 11 pm the night before. No joke. Of course I was asleep and my phone was on silent, so I didn’t even see the call or listen to the voicemail till the next morning. I called back right away and yup… they needed me in an hour for an impromptu pin-up style shoot at Nelson, NV. Game On! I’m all about it- Is there any city on earth better for Las Vegas pinup hair and makeup?!…

A Pretty Penny… What’s the deal with makeup artist rates for weddings?

Posted in Pro Tips, Products we can't live without! by Amelia on October 5, 20122 comments

A long long time ago in a blog far away, I wrote about this rather uncomfortable subject-makeup artist rates for weddings. That blog has since gone the way of the dodo bird when the new site launched, and for a while it was forgotten. Two recent incidents have prompted me to resurrect the subject and dust it off once more: the sudden crop of “weekend warrior” makeup artists undercutting legitimate companies giving women a false idea of the value of…

Patriotic Pin-Ups 2012 = SUCCESS!

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If you’ve been hanging around us for any time at all, you know we are all for a good band-wagon ride. This year, we once again took the steering wheel (or reigns? do bandwagons have power steering?) with Altenburg Studio for our second-annual Patriotic Pin-Ups and we gotta say- we knocked our own socks off! The event kicked off at 9am on Saturday, June 30th. Our two day event is a once-a-year opportunity to channel your inner Betty Page and…

We Heart Ron Miller Photography

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Rom Miller- what’s not to heart? This super-chill guy is a favorite amongst the artists of Amelia C & Co. Ron has earned a place in the ‘Co as a Dude of Honor, if you will. First of all, his super cute baby is enough to send any gaggle of chicks into coo-ing overload. The fact that he is super calm, always on it, and found himself a fabulous girl (heart D and Madden!) that we love kickin’ it with…

Pin-Ups for Patriots is BACK!!

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    Last year, we raised $6,500 in TWO DAYS benefiting the homeless military veterans of Las Vegas! This substantial amount was enough to help get the new Radcliffe Building open, a temporary housing facility to get our vets off the streets and into stability. Be a pin-up and be a patriot, come join us for our annual fundraiser to say THANK YOU to the men and women who have served our country. ALL PROCEEDS BENEFIT NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION US VETS.

5.5.12 Shannon + Scott

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When the weather starts to warm up in Vegas, so do the love stories. Daileny and Gina had the pleasure of working with Shannon on her wedding day, and this spring bride was everything that is beautiful in May… fresh, clean makeup, blush pink floral, soft and flowing hair. Her super-fantastic photographer Ashley Bartoletti captured this day famously! Thank you for sharing these photos with us. Visit Ashley’s Blog for the full effect!  

Airbrush Makeup vs. Traditional: A Makeup Artists Perspective

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I wrote an article just like this about five years ago, at the height of my anti-airbrush parade. I stormed up and down these cyber alleyways loudly explaining why I just loathed this trendy makeup application, and let me tell you I had good reason! I had seen just so, so many terrible airbrush makeup applications, thing gone wrong, streaks and smears… I even had photographers who used our services because they hated having to retouch it. And then, in…

Pretty on the Inside

Posted in Pretty on the Inside, Pro Tips by Amelia on April 25, 20122 comments

There are quite literally millions of beauty products on the market today. We’ve got entire mega-stores devoted to making sure that you look your best, whatever society has determined what “best” means at that time. I’ve built an entire company on making women looking good, and I’m not the first and will certainly not be the last. However, no matter how big the store, how expensive the cream, how good the artist, there is not a single thing outside of you…

Cringe-Worthy: Bad Beauty Habits You Need To Kick

Posted in Beauty 911, Pro Tips by Amelia on March 19, 20122 comments

I’m always curious as to what a client’s regular beauty routines are, it helps me go through a mental checklist to find out what’s important to them and what they need to see in the mirror when I’m done so they feel like themselves. Beauty is an art and is totally subjective- it really doesn’t matter what a woman does with her makeup or hair as long as she feels beautiful after. Judgments about what and what doesn’t look good…

Kitchen Beautician: Emergency Facial

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It was Friday night and 5 days away from my next facial, and my skin just looked terrible. I was having some breakout, plus was feeling dry and rough- not the way I wanted to start my Saturday! Even if I had wanted to, I couldn’t move up my facial appointment because I knew the weekend was jam packed and that was no time to be dealing with all the havoc a great facial can wreck on your skin. **Heads…