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The Business of Beauty

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This may come across, initially, as dull and dry, so I’ll keep it short and sweet. It’s important, however, that you understand how tto book a makeup artist to save you headaches down the road. For every successful and noteworthy hair and makeup company, there are sequences of events that need to be followed from the time you start looking at options till the time you leave for the chapel.  There is also tons of questions right at the beginning:…

Jennifer + Sean – Anthem Country Club Wedding

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Jennifer is such a trooper. This sweet bride-to-be was cool as a cucumber in the week leading up to her wedding when she suddenly had to make a venue change. Hayley and Alana had a chance to meet with this posh chick about a month before during her engagment session with the ultimate Ron Miller and were stoked to be a part of her wedding. She never lost her spunk even with the unexpected changes that came her way, and…