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This may come across, initially, as dull and dry, so I’ll keep it short and sweet. It’s important, however, that you understand how tto book a makeup artist to save you headaches down the road.

For every successful and noteworthy hair and makeup company, there are sequences of events that need to be followed from the time you start looking at options till the time you leave for the chapel.  There is also tons of questions right at the beginning:

When do I need to book my hair and makeup artist? As soon as you know the date, location, and venue. Here’s why: some vendors supply products, while others supply services. A vendor that supplies services, like a makeup artist, has to work within your time frame. For example, a florist can prepare your bouquet hours before and have it delivered at a certain time, but a makeup artist cannot do your makeup hours before. Many times we have had brides inquire about services, get the info and push it to the bottom of the list, only to inquire later and find out their appointment time has been scooped up by someone else. Especially during the busy season, your makeup artist of choice could be booked out a year in advance. The last thing you want is to be stuck with the makeup artist no one wants because they are the only ones available. (As an aside, same goes with your photographer. Book early!)

What does my makeup artist need to know to book me? The best way to avoid tons of back-and-forth emails is to completely fill out the contact page. While I can’t speak for other companies, our contact page is designed to gather every bit of information we need in order to confirm availability and give you an accurate quote. If you email us directly, you may not provide all the info we need. It also helps us keep track of all your info, eliminating you having to repeat yourself later if you answered a question buried in another email.

What is required to book a makeup artist? A professional hair and makeup company will always request a contract and retainer. It may seem like overkill to sign a legal document just for a makeup service, but if you book a company that doesn’t require this it should be a red flag that they do not value your event. Booking contacts protect both the artist and the bride by having the agreed services and time frames written down and accepted by both parties.

How much? This will vary greatly by area you’re booking in and quality of artist. Yes, it IS important that you ask this up front, so you know what kind of financial commitment is required. However, there are so many other things that could stop you from being able to book an appointment, like availability. (See top.) For example, a California artist will generally be more expensive than a Las Vegas artist simply because the cost of living there is proportionately greater. However, a Las Vegas artist is a lot less likely to have last minute appointments available due to the high flow of weddings here, where as a California artist might be available.



Amelia C & Co

Claudio Riaz – Makeup Brush Maverick

Amelia C & Co resident makeup artist and ultra-Riaz fan, Gina M, give’s you the details you’ve been craving on this luxury new  cosmetic and brush line, as well as her must-haves from his uber-svelte collection. Feeling generous, she also included some pro tricks on how to wield these sexy pieces once you own them.

Meet the man behind the brushes, Claudio Riaz

This 20 year beauty veteran grew up with a houseful of women- seven sisters! Fascinated at a very young age, he would sit and watch his mother and sister applying their makeup. It’s no wonder he was destined to become a celebrity makeup artist and now the creator of the most fabulous brushes on the market. His brush collection has been available for four years, and most recently he launched a new cosmetic line sold exclusively at Barneys. Identifying every woman having unique features and independent spirit, his cosmetic collection boasts slim and beautiful empty pallets for each woman to custom design her own color scheme. Silky creme lip colors, high shine glosses, retro cake eyeliners and a rich eye shadow collection accent his full-face line. He designed his brushes and cosmetics to make the every day woman apply her makeup quickly and effortlessly in a fraction of the time.

 Gina M’s MUST HAVES from the Claudio Riaz Collection- Available Exclusively at Barneys New York

Instant Smokey Eye Brush

These brushes were designed to help you apply your make up with ease. Each brush is unique in its shape so that you can apply your makeup and be out the door in as little as 4 minutes. The instant smoke eye brush was created to give you an instant smokey eye. You dip it into your Claudio Riaz shadow, apply it right above the lash line and wiggle the brush- in just moments you have the sultry effect hours of tutorials have been trying to teach you.

Contour Liquid Liner Brush

This is the liner brush that every girl needs. Especially when you want to create that pinup look or that Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn eye-line. It’s a synthetic brush and it’s bent neck helps you to create that perfect line with a single motion. It’s a must have! The ideal brush for his signature cake-eyeliner pallet.

Instant Face Pallet

The instant face pallet was designed to work with is predecessor, the instant face brush. Swipe two times up and down the palette, tap it once on your hand and then make the figure 3 swiping across your forehead temples cheek & chin and swipe the top of your nose. It gives your face a flawless complexion with the most beautiful glow that every woman and girl want. It’s that red carpet glow and that glow that every bride desires.

You can find the entire collection exclusively at Barneys or on the Claudio Riaz Online Store.

Jennifer + Sean – Anthem Country Club Wedding

Jennifer is such a trooper.

This sweet bride-to-be was cool as a cucumber in the week leading up to her wedding when she suddenly had to make a venue change. Hayley and Alana had a chance to meet with this posh chick about a month before during her engagment session with the ultimate Ron Miller and were stoked to be a part of her wedding. She never lost her spunk even with the unexpected changes that came her way, and looking back at her photo’s you can see this is a girl with spirit! Well known for their elegant affairs, Anthem Country Club pulled off a bright and smashing event in record time. The colors were vibrant, her makeup and hair were fashion-forward and sexy- this is one bride we wished got married every Saturday! Congrats Jennifer!

For the FULL BLOG and PHOTOS, visit Ron Millers Site! For the highlight reel of Jennifer and Seans magic day, keep an eye out on Lighten Films Blog!

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