• Commercial

    When cameras roll, our professional Las Vegas makeup artists will make sure your talent is camera ready. Particularly when it comes to destination events and productions, vetting a professional and experienced hair and makeup artist can become quite a challenge. The team of Amelia C & Co includes six set-ready makeup artists as well as hair stylists, experienced working in micro-crews, live events, conventions, and large scale productions. The ability to retain the services of more than one artist from a single representation is useful during the multifaceted to-do list that is production. High Definition trained, set-etiquette savvy, and seamless teamwork give your Las Vegas event or production the studio advantage even when on location. Check out our credits page to see who we’ve worked with, and we’ll see you on set.

  • Weddings

    Pop the champagne, you’re getting married! It’s called the Wedding Capital of the World for a reason, and the Las Vegas wedding makeup and hair team of Amelia C & Co has literally thousands of weddings under their petticoats. From natural bridal makeup to swanky smoky eyes, particular mothers and deeply cultural weddings, we can get you feeling gorgeous for your big day and well into the night as you dance away. Water-resistant makeup, false lashes, and personalities just as fun as your ‘maids are on the menu with stunning hairstyles that won’t leave you feeling like a prom date. Check out our galleries, get to know our bridal makeup artists and wedding hair stylists, then use the contact form to get in touch with Chief Dude, who’s going to take very good care of you! Let’s make your Las Vegas wedding day your most beautiful day ever!

  • Six 0 One

    What you need is unique- a sugar skull makeup application for that Halloween party, extensions for your big gala, or glitter tattoos for your convention booth. Well, you lucky duck, you’re in the right spot. This Las Vegas hair and makeup team loves getting you stage hair and makeup ready for that fitness competition, giving you that interactive edge at the trade show, or lushing your locks with extensions for that big night coming up. We love hearing new ideas and coming up with custom makeup looks, so don’t be shy if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for. Let us be part of your competition entourage, own that trade show, or kill it at the big Halloween bash.  Level up your look, turn some heads, and let’s make something awesome happen. *not sure what a six o one is? It’s ok, we’ll school you.

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    Prepare Your Hair For the Summer Sun When the summer season rolls around, you might not think much about what’s happening to your hair, almost everyone worries about their skin and protect themselves from sun damage. But while you’re enjoying the hot days, your hair could be getting dried out, stripped and mistreated by the elements. To ensure glorious locks all summer, here’s how to prep your hair for the heat. Image courtesy of Shutterstock Get UV Protection You look after…

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    **Note: New to my series on acne? It’s important that you start here. If there’s one thing I’m fiercely proud of as a professional makeup artist, it’s my ability to cover acne skin flawlessly with cosmetics. I’ve spent way too many mornings perfecting the skill on my own pizza face. At the same time, I’m also deeply grateful that my profession allows me knowledge and access to the best products out there. I don’t honestly know how I would have managed…

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